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All Bozure Audio projects are designed in an old-school way using a mix of todays best, and the same type of components as in classic mixers like UREI 1620 and Bozak.  All this to make sure it has the old-school sound and feeling that is missing in modern mixers and other Audio gear. All components are also carefully choosed from the best brands and models to follow these design-guidelines.

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Bozure ISO-201 Desktop Isolator:
   * RCA Line Level In / Out.
   * Low / Mid / High. 10Hz-250Hz / 250Hz-4000Hz / 4000Hz- 25000Hz.
   * +8dB or  +13dB Max gain.
   * ALPS RK27 Potentiometers.
   * Large (32mm) Knobs
   * Size: 25.0 cm * 10.5 cm * 7.5 cm ( 9.8" * 4.1" * 3.0" )
   * Weight: 0.74 kg
   * AC In: 18V AC
   * Black or Silver enclosure.

 Configuration Options:
   * Between CDJ and Mixer Input.
   * Between Sound card and Mixer Input
   * In Mixer FX-Loop.
   * Between Mixer Out and Power Amplifier.  

Demo Videos:
There is now a Video Channel on YouTube where you will find all demo videos:    Bozure Videos

Bozure ISO-202 Desktop DJ Isolator.
Here connected between Master Out on Std. mixer and Amplifier

ISO-1, Test using built in Mic on cheap video camera.

DIY - Bozure M1 Mixer
The M1 mixer is very "inspired" by the original UREI 1620 mixer and have almost exactly the same core functionality and is designed in a similar way. The focus on this mixer is to be as easy and cheap to build as possible without loosing functionality or quality.

 ( Prototype Build )                                                                                                        Read More..

DIY - Bozure M2 Mixer
The M2 mixer is a 2-channel, smaller version of the M1
 Mixer.  Perfect if you don't need all the features of the M1.  The M2 mixer can be used in almost any enclosure, including 19".

                                                                Read More..

 ( Prototype Build )    

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