Bozure ISO-1
3-Band DJ Isolator

Example of used in 19", 1U enclosure.


- Low / Mid / High. 10Hz-250Hz / 250Hz-4000Hz / 4000Hz- 25000Hz.
- +8dB or +13dB Max gain versions (Signal Gain with potentiometer at max).
- High Quality ALPS RK27 Potentiometers  ("Blue Velvet").
- AC In: 18V AC.
- PCB Size: 23.3cm * 16.0cm / 9.2" * 6.3"
- Same type of high quality components as in all Bozure projects/products.
Unique DC Out Feature:

Allows you to add extra PCBs like Phono Amps etc. Including the Bozure DIY Phono Amp PCB.

What is a DJ Isolator ? [ Click Here for information ]
ISO-1, Test using cheap video camera with built in Mic. Please note that the cameras built in limiter
is clipping when there is a lot of bass/gain here, and this affects the video sound quality.

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