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Note: All built Products and DIY PCBs are Built To Order. This to be able to have a lot of different products and low prices.

Q: What is “Built To Order” ?
A: This is that no products are in stock available for direct shipping. When an order and payment is received the product is built and when finished shipped to the customer.

General Order Info:
– All item prices are in USD.
– VAT, Shipping charges, Import duties etc. are not included in the item prices.
– All orders are done via email.
– All payments are done via PayPal or Bank Transfer.
– Shipping is normally done with UPS or DHL.

Copyright Notice:

All schematics and project related information on this website is the intellectual property of and copyrighted by Bozure AB, Sweden.

You are not allowed to copy projects from this website and re-publish them on other websites or provide them in any other form (electronic, Print etc.). When using PCBs provided by Bozure, you are not allowed to publish photos etc. of them in a way so that these can be used as templates for creating new ones. If you have found a website that have done any of this, please send us an email about it to [email protected].

Project Updates/Specification changes:

All projects can be changed/updated without any notice. You should always check the website to make sure you have the latest information about a project before starting with it. Also most projects can be modified a little for different needs. Check the website for info about this or send an email to [email protected] with any questions regarding this.

Responsibility Disclaimer:

It is assumed that anyone using the provided information/products on this website have enough knowledge and skills to do so and the and the total responsibility for any personal injury or damage to property by using the information/products on this website is yours. No claims for this can be made to Bozure AB.

     You should NEVER work with mains voltage unless you are 100% sure you have the knowledge
and skills to do this.

PCB Artwork/Stencils:

We are not providing these.


All payments are done via Paypal or Bank Transfer

Price changes:

Price changes may be done without any notice,