Before ordering,   Read this information first !

Note: All Products are handmade and Built To Order.

Q: What is “Built To Order” ?
A: This is that no products are in stock available for direct shipping. When an order and payment is received the product is built and when finished shipped to the customer.

Orders are made via email and payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer .

Order Process:
1 – Send us an email with the  info below to: [email protected]
a) What products you are interested in.
b) In what country you are located.
c) If you are located in the EU, also include if you are a private individual or a VAT registered company.
d) If you are located outside the EU we also need to know shipping Region/State, City and Postal/ZIP-code to calculate the shipping cost.

2 – We will send you an email with complete ordering info and a cost quote including VAT (if applicable) and shipping.

3 – If you accept the quote and want to order we will then send you a PayPal invoice.

4 – When payment is received the order is assigned to the build-cue.

General Order Info:

– All item prices are in USD.
– VAT, Shipping charges, Import duties etc. are not included in the item prices.
– All orders are done via email.
– All payments are done via PayPal, we will send you a PayPal invoice.
– Shipping is normally done with UPS or DHL.

Want to order, have a total cost quote or just more information:   Send an email to: [email protected]