M1 DIY Mixer (19″)

M1 Mixer

The Bozure M1 DIY mixer is inspired by the original UREI 1620 mixer and have almost exactly the same core functionality and is designed in a similar way (Not a clone, 100% Bozure design).  The focus off this mixer is to be as easy and cheap to build as possible without loosing functionality or quality.

The main design goals for the M1 mixer is:
– Easy to build.
– Cheap to build, a minimal number of components is used.
– Be used in almost any enclosure, 19″, desktop etc.

– Can be used as a 2 Ch – 6 Ch mixer.
– FX Loop.
– Cue – Master Headphone Blend.
– Tape out.
– VU Out.
– Booth Out (unbalanced).
– Master Out (balanced).

Extra Functionality Modules:

* Phono Amp.
* HPF Filter.
* Gain Trim.