ISO-1, 19″ Isolator PCB.


Discontinued – Not available.

* Built and Tested DJ Isolator PCB.
* High Quality 3-Band DJ Isolator for Club or Home use.
* Full Kill to +13dB.
* Low / Mid / High. 10Hz-250Hz / 250Hz-4000Hz / 4000Hz- 25000Hz.
* ALPS RK27 Potentiometers (“Blue Velvet”).
* RCA Line Level In / Out.
* AC In: 18V AC.
* PCB Size: 23.5cm * 14.5cm
* 24 month warranty
* Designed and Handmade in Sweden.


Bozure ISO-1 PCB     USD 245.00 *
Shipping worldwide   USD 29.00

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* VAT (25% For private individuals and not VAT registered companies in the EU) not included.
* EU VAT registered companies – contact us via email for VAT free EU intracommunity sales.


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